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August, 2019

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'Please, Touch The Artwork' is a set of relaxing and meditative puzzle games set in the world of abstract modern art. It is the overarching project name for an expandable set of mini-games where each game is based on a famous work of art, or art-movement.

The game aims to inspire and educate people about art-history while providing a subtle growing puzzle-challenge at the same time. It’s a slice of life experience where you get to co-create some of art-history’s most famous works and find out more about their creators and their ideas about art and society back then.

Each game has a different puzzle mechanic and should be challenging/relaxing in it’s own way. All puzzles will be randomly procedurally generated so that each player has its own’ unique copy the game. The games will not be skill based or have timing pressure. There should be no previous gaming experience required. Accessibility is a key feature.

The first season will contain 3 games and be themed around The Style, an art movement founded in 1917 in the Netherlands advocating pure abstraction by form and colour. It’s most famous member is Piet Mondriaan.

The creative process is a process of trial and error at first and this is reflected/symbolised in this puzzle-game. That's one of the reasons why we don't spoil/tutorialize the puzzle mechanic and let people figure it out themselves. Part of the satisfaction and reward is in the knowledge that you figured something out yourself. It hopefully also teaches that it’s ok to make mistakes and failure is essential.

Join us on a journey at the origins of modern art and let yourself be mesmerized by the works of these masters.


I thank my main inspiration to make this game to a book called ‘What Are You Looking At’ by Will Gompertz. In Dutch (my mother tongue) they changed the title and it freely translates to ‘My little sister can do this as well. Why modern art is art.’ I’ve always had a difficult relation with modern art and when I saw the book in a bookshop in Ghent I thought: “That’s something I also think sometimes, although I know it’s not really true” so I decided to read it. It’s an anecdotal and informative book which sketches the chronology of the origins of modern art, from the impressionists to the present. You go on a journey and read about where the artists lived and worked, who their friends were and what drove them to make their art. It was the period just after postimpressionisme - the period of cubism, suprematism, the style - that attracted me the most.

The avant-garde abstract artists are the pioneers of modern art. They reflected the rapidly industrializing society. All artists portrayed their own inner criticism and opinions on that society thus their art became very personal. It is precisely that aspect - the emergence of the path of the artist - that I find so exciting about this period.

During a night of light insomnia I decided to try to write a Mondrian-painting generator which randomly generated paintings based on some parameters such a nr. of planes in total, nr. of cuts and nr. of color-planes. Then I thought it would be nice if the user could manipulate the paintings as a way of ‘becoming the artist’. A little puzzle mechanic was added an ‘Please, Touch The Artwork’ was born.


  • Very accessible
    • Simple controls (single-touch)
    • 9 to 99 years
    • Available on (almost) all mobile platforms
  • Beautiful elegant puzzles
    • Inspired by real famous art-movements that have proven their popularity
    • Universal beauty that will draw people in
    • Season one covers 'The Style', founded in 1917, with Piet Mondrian as it's most famous member
  • Unique puzzle-mechanics per painting based on the manipulation of colors and form.
  • Challenging but no too stressfull.
  • Relaxing soundtrack and dynamic soundscape that complements the art-style.


Trailer of Please, Touch The Artwork YouTube

Playthrough of Please, Touch The Artwork (SPOILER!!!) YouTube




Awards & Recognition

  • "VAF Prototype funding" 25k funding from Flemish Government
  • "Selected to exhibit at INDIGO 2018" Utrecht, The Netherlands, 29 June, 2018
  • "Selected to exhibit at Indiecade Paris 2018" Paris, 19-20 October, 2018

About Studio Waterzooi

Studio Waterzooi is an immersive experience game studio based in Brussels, Belgium. We develop low threshold games inspired by literature, culture, philosophy, society and art, with a focus on ‘the human condition’.

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Please, Touch The Artwork Credits

Thomas Meynen
Design & Development, Studio Waterzooi

Lars Burgwal
Audio Engineer, Composer, Freelance

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