Thomas Waterzooi
Based in Gent/Brussels, Belgium

Founding date:
December 26, 2017


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Please Touch The Artwork
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Games Brussels
Rue D'Alost 7/11, 9000 Brussels

+32 496 60 54 79


Studio Waterzooi is the one man company behind Thomas Waterzooi. Thomas previously worked on Divinity Original Sin (Larian Studios) and Hitman (IO-Interactive ) as gameplay and AI developer before becoming a solo-indie-developer in 2018. He focuses on making accessible interactive stories and playful things inspired by art, culture, society and human interest. His games are not about skills or high-scores. They are about relaxing, reflecting, playful tinkering, and being sucked into the story and aesthetics (nowadays also often referred to as "wholesome"). In the past Thomas did collaborations in the field of serious gaming, AR and VR but "Please, Touch The Artwork" is Thomas's first big solo project. It has received, though still in development, several awards and international nominations.



Inspired by Pietro Righi Riva’s manifesto Rejecta, Thomas Waterzooi founded Studio Waterzooi. The manifest aims to provide guidelines to develop games for a new audience. He (and we) want to advance the medium in a certain direction that makes it interesting to people that are not normally interested in video games but have other interests such as art, culture, humanity..etc (or are interested but don’t find games about specific topics that interest them). We have to cater to these people and learn how to make games for them so games can eventually become the art-form it deserves to be.


Conflict is a part of every good story, but it doesn’t have to be the only part. Entertainment is about being immersed and triggering emotions, not only about having fun. We focus on creating shorter experiences that are still impactful (because of the typical time-shortages tied to adult life). The success of pc-games like ‘Firewatch’, ‘Life Is Strange’, ‘What Remains of Edith Finch’ or mobile titles like ‘Monument Valley’ and ‘Florence’ tells us that there is a market for these slice of life experiences. ‘Please, Touch The Artwork’ is Studio Waterzooi’s first title.




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Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner "Digital Design Award" @ Henry Van De Velde awards with BabelAR" - Flanders, 1 November, 2021
  • "Winner "Best Art" @ Tokyo Game Show with Please, Touch The Artwork" - Tokyo, 1 October, 2021
  • "Finalist Indie X Festival 2020 with Please, Touch The Artwork" - Lisbon, 1 October, 2020
  • "Winner "BIG Impact: Best Educational" @ Brazilian Independant Game Festival with Please, Touch The Artwork" - Sao Paolo, 1 October, 2020
  • ""Official Selection" @ Ludicious with Please, Touch The Artwork" - Zurich, July 1st, 2020
  • "2nd finalist @ The Label Indie Showdown with Please, Touch The Artwork" - US, April, 2020
  • "Winner "Very Big Indie Pitch" @ Pocket Gamer Connects with Please, Touch The Artwork" - Helsinki, 4 October, 2019
  • "Official Selection @ INDIECADE Paris 2018 with Please, Touch The Artwork" - Paris, 19-20 October, 2018
  • "Official Selection @ INDIGO 2018 with Please, Touch The Artwork" - Utrecht, 29 June, 2018


Thomas Waterzooi
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