Thomas Waterzooi
Based in Gent/Brussels, Belgium

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February 19th 2024

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Press release

Please, Touch The Artwork 2 continues the tradition of its award-winning predecessor, immersing players in the captivating realm of a renowned modern artist.

Embark on a journey through the iconic paintings of James Ensor in an engaging hidden object adventure, reminiscent of the beloved 'Where's Waldo/Wally?' concept, allowing players, 12 and up, to uncover the deeper layers of his magnificent works.

The game will be available early 2024 to anyone with a smartphone/tablet (Apple Appstore, Google Play) and on Windows/Mac (Steam).

Short Description (~300 chars)

Assist a wandering skeleton artist in navigating a surreal, hand-painted universe, while collecting hidden objects for its quirky inhabitants. ​Solve casual puzzles and fix gaps and cracks in the paintings. Carefully crafted from works by James Ensor, a Belgian pioneer in the world of Modern Art.

Short Description (~200 chars)

A relaxing hidden object adventure. Explore iconic paintings, collect items for their quirky inhabitants, and solve casual puzzles. Discover the world of James Ensor, Belgian Modern Art pioneer.


  • Explore 5 unique worlds - Embark on a journey through five distinct worlds, each brimming with the mesmerizing art of James Ensor. Discover hidden treasures and unravel the mysteries within his famous paintings.
  • Hints when stuck - Stuck on a particularly elusive object? No worries! Players can request hints to nudge them in the right direction. This ensures a frustration-free adventure, allowing you to seamlessly continue your exploration.
  • Casual point & click controls - Navigate the world by clicking or tapping where you want to move. The intuitive controls make it accessible to gamers of all ages. T ake advantage of the zoom function to delve into every intricate detail.
  • Real hand-painted art - Interactive elements and animations made from James Ensor's authentic hand-painted works bring his masterpieces to life.
  • Easygoing - With a light-hearted theme and relaxing gameplay, "Please, Touch The Artwork 2" is a delightfully cozy adventure suitable for almost everyone.


"What would happen if you DID touch the artwork?" That's the fantasy Thomas started playing with back in 2016 after reading ‘What Are You Looking At’ by Will Gompertz. In Dutch (his mother tongue) the title was changed and it freely translates to ‘My little sister can do this as well. Why modern art is art.’ Thomas has a technical background but very artistic parents. He's always had a complex relation with modern art so this title triggered him. It’s an anecdotal and informative book which sketches the chronology of the origins of modern art, from the impressionists to the present.

You go on a journey and read about where these artists lived and worked, who their friends were and what drove them to make their art. They reflected on the rapidly industrializing society. All artists portrayed their own inner criticism and opinions on that society thus their art became very personal. It is precisely that aspect - the emergence of the path of the artist - that he found so exciting about this period.

At that time Thomas, who worked at AAA studios like Larian Studios (Baldur's Gate) and IO-Interactive (Hitman), wanted to create his own indie-games. He wanted to take a wholesome, casual approach and make accessible playful slices of life, attracting both gamers and non-(frequent)-gamers. Combining art and games turned out to be the best way to achieve this!


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Download all screenshots, GIFS, coverart and logos as .zip (112MB)
Please Touch The Artwork 2 - Crustaces and seashells - FullHD.png
Please Touch The Artwork 2 - Entry Of Christ In Brussels - FullHD.png
Please Touch The Artwork 2 - Frightful Musicians - FullHD.png
Please Touch The Artwork 2 - Masks Confronting Death + Skeletons Fighting Over a Pickled Herring - FullHD.png
Please Touch The Artwork 2 - My Dead Mother - FullHD.png
Please Touch The Artwork 2 - Skeletons Fighting Over A Hanged Man + The Good Judges.png
Please Touch The Artwork 2 - Skulls With Flowers + Fruithat - FullHD.png
Please Touch The Artwork 2 - The Drunkards + Scandalized Masks - FullHD .png
Please Touch The Artwork 2 - The Ray + Cabbage - FullHD.png
Please Touch The Artwork 2 - The Roofs Of Ostend - FullHD.png
Please Touch The Artwork 2 - View Of Mariakerke - FullHD.png


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About Thomas Waterzooi

Thomas Waterzooi is a game director from Brussels. He previously worked on Divinity Original Sin (Larian Studios, Baldurs Gate) and Hitman (IO-Interactive ) before becoming a solo-developer in 2018. He focuses on making accessible interactive stories and playful things driven by art, culture, society and human interest. His games are not about skills or high-scores. They are about relaxing, reflecting, playful tinkering, and being sucked into the story and aesthetics (often referred to as "wholesome" or "cozy").

"Please, Touch The Artwork" is Thomas's first big solo project. It's a cozy puzzle game about touching abstract paintings (from Mondrian and the Style) and finding out what happens. It has received several awards and international nominations such as the Google Play Indie award 2022, Apple Design Award nomination, 2 Belgian Game Awards, and a Tokyo Game Show Best Art award. The game was also featured in '2022's best of'-lists in The Guardian and Eurogamer.

The sequel "Please, Touch The Artwork 2" is releasing in february 2024. This time it will be a hidden object adventure set in the paintings of James Ensor. The game was created with the support of the Flemish Government on the occasion of the Belgian EU Presidency 2024. The game will be available for free on Steam, Apple Appstore and Google Play.

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Please, Touch The Artwork 2 Credits

Thomas Waterzooi
Design & Development, Studio Waterzooi

Lars Burgwal
Audio Engineer, Composer, Freelance

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